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Thamara Thumbi - Episode 102 | 7th Nov 19 | Surya TV Serial | Malayalam Serial

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Watch the latest episode of the Popular Malayalam Serial that airs on Surya TV.

Thumbi mol beats Gowtham, who uploads a humiliating video of her father Chandrappan on Youtube. Gowtham who is smitten by Thumbi apologizes to both father and daughter. Meanwhile, Thamara and friends who were travelling get into an argument with a young chap and the heated row ends with Thamara slapping him. The problem becomes severe as they get arrested by the police. Inside the Police Station they stay unperturbed. Little did they know the S.I of the police station was that young chap Thamara slapped earlier. An unexpected turn of events, exciting new twists and a momentous episode for Thamarathumbi.

Thamara Thumbi unfolds the story of two infants, namely Thamara and Thumbi. Both of them are born out of the same father, but in the womb of two different mothers, and the circumstance let them grow up as arch-rivals. Will they realize the fact in the end?

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